Saturday, January 20, 2007

Joost - where's the content?

Despite sounding like a sweet and having a name that apparently makes a lot of sense to Dutch people but not much outside the Netherlands, I thought Joost was at least a step up from "The Venice Project" which didn't have much of a ring to it as a desktop application..

I had better get my disclaimer out of the way quickly: I like Joost (the application, not the name). I like the interface. I like having full screen streaming video on my pc. It's a cool concept.

Now back to being a negative nelly :o)

Where is the content? I've been using it since December and there appears to be little or no new content in the past month. I'd like to know what the plan is for Joost long term.. if they are slow to allow user-submitted content and if the content that is there is updated so slowly, the application will die a death. Like a website that isn't updated regularly, who will come back to a streaming tv app that keeps showing the same five programmes on each channel?

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Phil said...


Would you by chance have a token available to invite a poor soul into the Joost world. I would really appreciate.