Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stencil graffiti?

This blog has suffered from being neither urgent nor important for me at the moment. Work and other things are taking priority and poor little blogger is a footnote at the bottom of my To Do list..

Anyway I felt I'd update this with something light. Stencil graffiti is my name for graffiti where it looks like the artist used a stencil to create the image. I love good graffiti but I'm not au fait with the various terms so if someone knows the proper term for such a technique I'd be interested to know :o)

Here are some pics of stencil graffiti I've seen while walking around various cities. I have more pics but I seem to have misplaced them.. they might be on my laptop..

(Edit: Images removed from this post to avoid messing up my blog template.. d'oh!)

Hong Kong

Malacca, Malaysia

Mexico City (1)
Mexico City (2)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

How the World Works

Just a quick post about "How the World Works". It's an interesting blog on Salon.com, an American Arts & Politics web magazine.

The content is free apart from having to watch an ad to get to it. I think this is grand as it's quick enough to get through to.

The material is definitely worth it, the journalist Andrew Leonard spends his time researching globalisation, the BRIC countries, and related issues such as global warming and posts up about books he's read and new research papers and items in the news. For anyone interested in globalisation with a middle of the road viewpoint it's an informative read and a good way to start your day. He cuts through a lot of politically or ideologically biased accounts of globalisation and is a staunch defender of globalisation without ignoring the realities of global inequality and the potential for abuse of some global frameworks.