Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Venice Project - First impressions

Quick post. First impressions of the Venice Project:

Looks very cool when it's loading up the first time :o)

I like the channel interface but it took me a while to find out how to
get out of full screen mode (it takes over the whole monitor).

The Cassy video on the Diddy channel looked like it might cause
epileptic fits but I didn't see any warning before it came on (though I
dunno if MTV would show a warning either?).

The advertising seems very regional.. T-Mobile, some brand of chewing
gum which I'm not sure is out in Ireland. Will advertising be country
based in future? (Update: Advertising is apparently localised but not localised to Ireland yet)

Will it allow user submitted content? The FAQ says they're working on it but has no guidelines yet as to whether there'll be content restrictions (i.e. copyrighted material) or anything like that.

The channels are good for a starter but could be a lot broader. Good coup to get the Diddy channel and some MTV stuff!

The FAQ says that in an hour of viewing approximately 320MB of data is downloaded which is impressive considering your average BitTorrented tv show of 43 minutes will require a download of at least 350MB!


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm experienced user & could be a good beta tester. Please send me invitation token, if it possible.
Thanks in advance!

Azoulai said...

Send me please a invitation