Monday, December 25, 2006

A quick rant

Blogging on Christmas Day.. that's not healthy..

Anyway I just felt like I should get back into blogging. To get started I will use an old reliable: the rant. It's not going to be a big rant or a long rant or an expletive-filled rant. Just a small, plain rant.

Try skimming through this blog -> Gautam Ghosh

At the top you've got so many ads and cluttered graphics. There are actually two ads for Firefox linking to the same url. If they're paid ads I can sort of understand, but still why is someone paying him to have two ads for the same thing?

Moving down a bit, his About Me is hidden between a donate graphic and graphics of his email addresses. The colours of the graphics on the page seem to overpower the colour and font of the text so that when I skim the top of the blog it seems like a lot of colour noise and no actual content.

Further down, the "B-List blogger" link reminds me of those links to nerd code where you can specify what your interests are and then publish them on your home page (remember those?)

The guy last blogged on December 25th 2006. Why is he telling people he won "Indiblog of the year 2004"? I can understand being proud of it but it reminds me of restaurants where you see they won some award a couple of years ago and you think to yourself "Why have they slipped enough to not win it since?" Also, do blog readers actually subscribe to blogs based on awards the blog won two years ago? (Heck, does anyone subscribe to a blog based on an award it won this year??)

I also see he has a Hit Counter? Do they still make those?? I thought people stopped using hit counters because no one ever patched them to deal with the Y2K bug?

All the above issues really made me switch off from the blog, but I have spent so long going through it and nitpicking these issues now that I did finally notice the content :o) Some of the content is pretty decent. I like some of his predictions for 2007 and as an Indophile I always am interested in any takes on Indian business and education, of which he has heaps.


Gautam Ghosh said...

thanks for the nit-picking Conor...

I didn't know i had 2 of the firefox ads running...will surely remove the redundant one :-)

Thanks for the feedback...user experience trumps all other will surely get down to resolving some issues :-))

Ah the 2004 indibloggies image...yeah I guess it is time to take it down...but it's been my only blogging award so am foolishly sentimental about it ;-)

Conor said...

Haha, no worries Gautam :o)

I guess this is the nature of blogs coming home to roost; you got some stranger commenting on your blog and at the same time I never expected that you would notice and reply to my commentary!

I didn't really have a problem with the Indibloggies image.. it just got me wondering whether there's a point to displaying such images on blogs, whether it actually affects whether someone takes your blog more seriously (or becomes a subscriber to your blog) or not.

Gautam Ghosh said...

Happy new year Conor :-)

Would appreciate your feedback now. Have tried to incorporate some of your feedback :-)