Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some blogs I like

I do have trouble keeping up with the blogs I'm subscribed to, but when I do get time to catch up, these are some of the blogs I like.

Communication Nation is a blog about soft skills, from presentations to dealing with customers to holding meetings or spending your time more effectively.

Presentation Zen is a blog written by a guy living in Japan which discusses presentation skills from a zen perspective. It's not a blog which is updated daily but every post he makes is interesting and educational.

43 Folders is another mix of posts on issues related to time management skills.

India Uncut is a great blog for Indophiles and anyone who wants to keep up with the latest issues in India. The blogger links to a lot of other Indian blogs and I think it's fair to say he has his finger on the pulse of the Indian blogging scene. Just mark the cricket related posts as read ;o)

Two tangential points on this:

1) India Uncut is yet another blog which shows that bloggers who write about political or social issues are still very reliant on the mainstream media for learning about stories in the first place. This is despite some bloggers' dissing of the MSM and claims that bloggers will take over from the MSM in being the source of news stories in the future.

2) If an "Indophile" is a fan of India, then what do you call someone who is a fan of Indonesia?

Welcome to Room 116 is a blog which covers original ad campaigns around the world. This blog links to a lot of cool and imaginative campaigns that I'd have never heard of otherwise.

Computerworld Security News (apologies but I'm linking directly to the feed since I don't have a proper link to the normal website) is good for keeping up to date with security news in the IT field.

Signal Vs. Noise is a design oriented blog with a focus mostly on web applications and web sites and that whole Web 2.0 thing.

I read a fair few other blogs but the above would be the ones which I find consistently interesting.

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