Saturday, February 10, 2007

Single sign-on starting to be a reality?

I migrated my old Blogger blog to new Blogger today so now I use my Google user account to log in to Blogger. It made me realise that the amalgamation of some of the major services on the web has made single sign-on a bit more of a reality.

For three of the internet services I use (Gmail / Blogger / Orkut) I use a single sign-on. For two others ( Yahoo Mail / Flickr) I use a seperate single-sign on. Maybe in the not-too-distant future we'll just need a single sign-on for each of the big internet companies; Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL? (Of those, I don't use any services from AOL so that's three usernames and passwords to remember for me.. )

Beyond that are the smaller sites such as DCU mail and Redbrick which I guess will always have their own seperate login information? I wonder if Google will ever try extending their authentication services so external services could allow users to log in using Google user credentials? MSN failed getting people to adopt Passport so I can't imagine them trying again any time soon.

Just a thought.. one less username for me to remember now, yay! :o)

(Incidentally, I like the new Blogger!! Better spell checking tool and more features in the text editor!)


Andrew Evans said...

Hi Connor,

Have you heard of OpenID and other similar initiatives?

If not check out this screen-cast on Simon Willison's blog: -

How to use OpenID (a screencast).

Microsoft's Cardspace for Vista supports OpenID so that's a step in the right direction.



Conor said...

That seems pretty interesting alright! I hadn't heard of it before but the fact that Wikipedia and Microsoft seem to be supporting it, should definitely help drive adoption!

Donal said...

Google already provide a mechanism to authenticate users...

Conor said...

Haha, but Google.. that's on a par with trusting Microsoft, na? ;o)

Mark said...

OpenID is the way to go, tbh. You can use your Yahoo as an OpenID producer.

As for Redbrick, there is pubcookie. If people used the WebForums instead of the newsgroups, you could have a single log on for all of redbrick stuff. I had even considered writing a plugin for Wordpress that uses PubCookie to authenticate.