Sunday, May 21, 2006

Change of course

I'm Conor O' Kane and it's been three months since my last blog entry.

As I said in my last blog entry, I needed to think about whether I wanted to continue blogging, and if I did, what I would blog about.

I'd be lying if I said I had given it a lot of thought, but I have given it some thought. I don't want to blog about IT and areas relating to my work because (a) I don't want to put myself in any risky territory regarding discussion which may be in conflict with my work, and (b) there are a lot of more knowledgeable people out there in relation to IT and I don't want to blog about something where I may sound stupid(er).

So what can I blog about? Well one topic I feel on safer ground talking about and something I have such a passion about that I don't care if I say stupid things is travel. I travel a lot both with work and on holidays and so I feel well placed to offer a soapbox slash high horse opinion on travel and areas such as cultures and globalisation.

So that is what I will mostly blog about from now on. The following caveats, disclaimers, and health warnings apply:

I will namecheck a lot of places and so I'm sorry in advance if I come across as name dropping but I am passionate about travel and will write about what I love.

Some of my posts may be ill-informed, highly opinionated, or downright silly.

Since I work for a large consulting firm, there's a good chance I may mention companies which are clients of my employer. Anything I say is my own personal opinion and is not related to my work or the opinions of my firm.

Unfortunately (but fortunately for my productivity) I don't spend as much time on the Redbrick boards as I used to. With that in mind, if anyone follows up on the boards to my blog there's a good chance that I either won't see the post on the boards before it expires, or won't get around to following up to it before it expires. If you want to draw my attention to something or want to ask a question or make a point then please leave a comment on the blog.

With that out of the way I think I'll post about Mexico :o)

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