Sunday, February 12, 2006

m-flo loves Shadow the Hedgehog

I read about a lot of new websites and applications but will rarely even look at them unless there's a compelling reason or someone has recommended it to me.

The same went for You Tube which is a video sharing site. You can upload your own videos or just search for and watch other peoples' videos.

I was sent there by a friend to check out the MadTV spoof of "House" - an American tv medical detective show about a rogue doctor who plays by his own rules (as played by Hugh Laurie!). It's an ok show, as far as I can tell having only watched one episode. The spoof is pretty good anyway and pretty accurate, Laurie playing one of those tv characters who people wouldn't tolerate in real life due to his gruff nature and bitter sarcasm.

A few days later I was checking out m-flo's new album "Beat Space Nine" on the iTunes store - another first time visit to a site for me. Since iTunes sell music videos I did a search to see if they had the videos from the new album. Oddly enough they didn't, though they had the album itself. I remembered YouTube and decided to see what a search for "m-flo" threw up there and found a load of videos.

This really showed me how great YouTube is. They even had the video of the remix of Tripod Baby made to promote the new Shadow the Hedgehog game which has the band dancing with Shadow the Hedgehog :o)

Incidentally a search on Google Video throws up only two m-flo videos (one of which looks more like a kareoke video than the real thing).

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